Sunday, 3 March 2013


Today the fifth style of the six I would describe. The first four (Girly, EdgyBoho and Classic) can be found below. Today's post will be about a Glam style.

Glam girls like to stand out, so they dress for the spotlight, even when it's just a normal day. They make their look look like something dramatic with details like sparkly sequins, luxe-looking animal prints and sky-high heels. Some examples of glam clothes are:

Some examples of celebrities with a glam style are: 

Kim Kardashian


Some tips given in the book are:
- combine a sparkly piece of clothing with a really casual piece to make it appropriate for everyday wear
- wear 'big-shouldered' clothes
- wear a graphic design on your nails
- wear fake fur with your basics
- pair a pretty top with sparkly shorts
- wear a formfitting bustier over a long-sleeved shirt

So what do you think of a glam style? I think it is nice but I don't think it's for me. 

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