Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today the second style of the six I would describe. The first one (Girly) can be found below. Today's post will be about an Edgy style.

An edgy look is characterized by roughed up clothes, for example by ripped up jeans or added studs and chains. But, and this is really important, soften the effect by adding feminine touches like a peek of lace. Some examples of edgy clothes are:

Some examples of celebrities who dress edgy are:

Ashley Tisdale

Taylor Momsen

Some tips given in the book are:
- combine your sweaters with structured pieces
- add a tank top over a T-shirt
- give your boots a vintage feeling (for example) by using a fine-grade sandpaper to take down the shine
- layer bracelets of different styles
- create slits in your leggings
- combine shorts with tights and boots to make them winter-proof

So what do you think of an edgy style? I think it's very cool, it gives off a 'I don't care about how I look, but I still look great' kind of vibe. 

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