Friday, 1 March 2013


Today the third style of the six I would describe. The first two (Girly and Edgy) can be found below. Today's post will be about a Boho style.

Boho gives off a very free-spirity feel. It comes across as a carefree style and it is about layering patterns and fun details (florals, some suede, something fringed, soft knits and beads) to achieve an earthy feel. Some examples of boho clothes are:

Some examples of celebrities who have a boho style are:

Vanessa Hudgens

Shenae Grimes (not always)

Some tips given in the book are:
- use a dress with a pretty print as a skirt by layering a T-shirt on top
- give a free-flowing dress shape by putting a cool belt on it 
- wear oversize beaded necklaces
- put a piece of lace underneath the ripped part of your jeans 
- dress up your slim cargos by wearing a loose top
- top off a casual look by wearing a cozy hat

So what do you think of a boho style? I love it. I think it is great and that it emits a sort of feeling of joy and love for the world. 

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