Thursday, 21 March 2013

Not so secret

Miranda Kerr has always been very open about her healthy lifestyle and what she does to keep in such great shape. Since this interests me, I thought it would be nice to share some things she says with you.
I don't necessarily encourage you to live like her, since it's her job to look good, but it nevertheless seems nice to learn more about it.

First of all she follows the blood type diet, which is based on the believe that you should live, eat and exercise in accordance to your blood type. Miranda is an A blood type, which means that she eats little meat and as pure, fresh and organic as possible. Sports recommended for this blood type are calming exercises such as yoga. This is a sport that Miranda has been doing for several years now. For more information on the blood type diet you can click here. Some people say this diet is based on no scientific evidence at all so keep your guard up and don't do anything that doesn't feel right.

She also believes that 80% of what she puts into her body should be healthy and organic, which leaves 20% for indulging. One of her weaknesses is dark chocolate.

Another thing she loves is Tahitian Noni Juice. She tries to drink it every morning immediately upon awakening. She's been drinking it since she was about twelve years old and believes that it holds many vitamins and minerals and is full of nutrients. She also says that it is extremely beneficial for the skin.

Coconut oil is one of her favorites as well. You can put a little bit in your food or in your drink (for example in green tea) but also use it on your face and in your hair. Coconut is antibacterial, so it can help cleanse your skin, but it can just as well be used to nourish your hair, feet etc. 

Other things she tries to do are:
- eating alkaline foods instead of acidic foods
- eating foods with a low GI rating
- eating foods that are high in antioxidants
- eating high-fibre foods

You can find more information on what she does to keep healthy, and even an example of what she eats during the day, here.

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