Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dutchie Doutzen

A while ago I said that I would do a number of posts on the style of celebrities/models. I figured it was time to do the second one, and this time Doutzen Kroes is in the spotlight.

Doutzen Kroes' style seems a little less well 'thought-through' than the one of Miranda Kerr, but it looks nice and classic nonetheless. I think this picture gives a good impression of what I mean. The clothes are loose and simple, but her hair looks very well taken care of. 

This picture shows a classier Doutzen. The coat, jeans and sunglasses make her look very neat.

Another classic Doutzen.

The shorts are more casual but the jacket tunes it up again. 

Even less formal. 

What do you think of Doutzen's style? I like it, but frankly, I'm a bigger fan of Miranda's style. 

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