Saturday, 2 March 2013


Today the fourth style of the six I would describe. The first three (Girly, Edgy and Boho) can be found below. Today's post will be about a Classic style.

Crisp, clean and never out of style. That is a classic style in a nutshell. This can be achieved by wearing clothes with understated lines and simple silhouettes like a sharp blazer, and then by making it interesting by wearing clothes with preppy patterns and playful elements like a cool stripe. Some examples of classic clothes are:

Some examples of celebrities who have a classic style are:

Selena Gomez

Victoria Justice

Some tips given in the book are:
- wear rubber boots even when it isn't raining, paired with leggings
- rock the always classy red lips
- knot the bottom of your button-down
- cuff the bottom of your skinny jeans
- mix luxe pieces of clothing with more casual pieces
- balance a low-cut halter dress by layering a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath

So what do you think of a classic style? I think it can look great, but it has to be styled properly. But then again, what doesn't?

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