Monday, 4 March 2013


Today the sixth and final style! The first five (Girly, Edgy, Boho, Classic and Glam) can be found below. Today's post will be about an Indie style.

Having an indie style means liking to dress a little unexpectedly and put things together in a surprising way. This can be achieved by playing around with proportions, use finds from a local store differently, and some DIY-ing. Some examples of indie clothes are:

Some examples of celebrities with an indie style are:

Emma Watson

Zoë Kravtiz 

Some tips given in the book are:
- pair a dark skirt with bright-colored tights
- doodle on white sneakers or denim shorts
- wear a scarf with a fun pattern
- mix up patterns
- combine a slim-fitting piece of clothing with a loose one
- wear socks in sandals

So what do you think of an indie style? I love it, for me it has a similar feeling as boho. 

This was the final post on styles described in the book 'Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: how to find your perfect look'. The tips and explaining texts in the beginning of every post are strongly based on this book. If you enjoyed reading them you might consider purchasing the book. 

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