Friday, 15 February 2013

Spring '13

According to the website, we can expect a few trends this spring. In this post I will show you which ones have been seen on the runway.

'The Art of Contrast'

On of the trends, is the always sophisticated combination of black and white. The picture on the left shows an outfit from the runway of Michael Kors, and on the right an outfit from the runway of Chanel.

'Veiled looks'

Another one is the use of transparent fabrics. This picture shows outfits from designer Christopher Kane.

'Collage Degree'

Collage Degree revolves around multiple layers, patchworks of exotic skin and also mash-ups of patterns and textures. The picture shows an outfit from Fendi. 

'Every Flounce Counts'

The ruffle is still hot this season! On this picture you can see how ruffles are used on the runway of Gucci.

'Alpha Females'

Another trend this season is the power suit. This picture shows one from Saint Laurent. 

'Asia Society'

The last trend is clothes inspired by the Far East. This picture shows an outfit from the runway of Etro.

All the information used in this post comes from this website. So are you excited by these new trends?


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