Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hungry for beauty

Besides fashion etc, I also really like to learn and read things about a healthy lifestyle. Amber Albarda (Dutch) has written a couple of books about eating healthy and I really enjoyed reading them. So I think it's nice to also blog about that type of thing. This first post will be about which foods can improve the way you look. Amber also writes about that in her book 'Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig'.


Almonds are high in vitamin E, which keeps your skin elastic and has antioxidant properties. Apart from that, almonds have the most fibre of all nuts. This helps your digestion work properly. Thirdly, almonds have essential fats which are necessary for well-working cells. Finally, almonds are really delicious. A tip I'd like to give you is to roast them (and put a bit of salt on them). That way I love them even more! 


Avocado, like almonds, holds a lot of vitamin E and fibre. But that's not all. The fats in avocados are really beneficial for your skin. Avocados are a classic example of how beauty starts from within, since they hydrate the skin from within. I know a really, really lovely recipe with avocados. It's made with a sort of chestnut paste and cherry jam with the juice from one lemon. 


Vitamin A and silicium in carrots help to strengthen and repair your skin. Carrots go together great with a paste made from chickpeas, hummus. Another source of Vitamin A is mango. 

Noni juice


Noni juice contains a lot of vitamin C. It also has potassium and may even have antibacterial properties. I know this juice because Miranda Kerr says she's been drinking it since she was twelve years old and believes it's extremely beneficial for her skin. She's such a huge fan of the juice that she even made it part of her skin care line, Kora Organics. 

Coconut oil

'Coconut oil is good for you? But it's full of saturated fats!' I can hear you think. True, but these fats are healthy. It's even been claimed to be the most healthy oil on the planet. What does it make so healthy?
Well first of all, it raises the good form of cholesterol. Secondly, it raises your fat burning rate. Thirdly, it contains less calories than other kinds of oil. And there are many more reasons why coconut oil is so healthy.


And last but not least, water. 70% of our body consists of water, so it's very important to drink a lot of it. It can help us lose weight, protects us against illnesses, gives us energy, can help getting rid of a headache etc.

So if you wanna grow old being healthy and beautiful, live accordingly! And always remember:
True beauty comes from within.

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