Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Make it work

Because I said in my last post that I really like colorful clothing, I think it's a nice idea to tell you guys more about how colors can really do something for your over-all look (whether this is in a positive way or not). We'll, of course, be focusing on how it can help to improve the way you look, so that, even when you're not feeling to well, you'll get compliments on your look.

You have four main 'color-types'. These are based on the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. The easiest and most fail-safe way to find out which type you are is to consult an expert, who can give you a professional color analysis. But you can make a beginning yourself as well.

Your skin tone is the most important factor when it comes to which colors do or don't look good on you. You can see if you're a warm or cool type by looking at the veins in your wrist. When they are more of a blue-ish color you've got a cool skin tone, whereas green-ish veins imply a warm skin tone. Warm types should wear more warm colors, like yellow, orange, and greens with more yellow than blue in them etc. Cool types should wear more cool colors, like blue, greens with more blue than yellow in them etc. You should really look at the way your face looks when you put on a certain color. When your face seems to light up while wearing the color you've got a right one.
Other things you can pay attention to is how much contrast your face has. When it has a lot of contrast (fair skin with dark hair or otherwise), you can let that contrast come back in your clothes. Furthermore, when you have a light hair, you'll look nicer in light clothes, and when you have dark hair, you'll look nicer in dark clothes.

Like I mentioned before, you can also get a personal analysis from an expert. They will tell you which season-type you are. I, myself, am a spring-light type, which I really like because I can wear bright colors! What is particularly useful is the 'color-palettes' they sell, so when you know your type, you can buy one. These are very small so you can take them with you when you're going shopping and it shows all the colors that look good on you.

This is the one for spring-types:

This one is for summer-types:

This one is for fall-types:

This one is for winter-types:

So I hope I was able to be of help to you! 

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