Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Style Icon

There is a number of models that I really like, most of which are Victoria's Secret Models. I would like to show you some pictures of what their personal style is like, starting today with my favorite model, Miranda Kerr.

I think Miranda Kerr has a kind of classy style and always looks very well put-together. She looks amazing but she doesn't overdo it. Like here, where she is wearing jeans, a nice black blouse, a black bag, leopard-printed shoes, sunglasses and carrying her little dog, Frankie. It doesn't sound so special when you sum it up like that, but when you look at the way it looks on her, it is great!

This is a look that I absolutely love. I'm a big fan of combining brown and blue clothes and I especially love the combination of the jacket, the bag, hat and shoes.

This look is more formal than the two shown above. The belt accentuates her amazing figure and I really like the combination of the light dress and bag. 

I know that I already showed two of these outfits in the pictures above, but I think this is a nice way to compare her different looks, for example the difference between the two on the left. Even though they both are dresses, they look very different. Another thing is that, according to the Dutch glamour, skirts with prints, shown in the fourth picture from the left, are a trend amongst celebrities, so of course Miranda has (at least) one.
She has stated that how she dresses depends on where she is at a particular moment. She owns a house in NYC, LA and London. That's all very well, but we mortals don't own different closets in different cities (at least I think we don't ;)) She also says that a good pair of jeans and a cool blazer are essentials. 

What do you think of Miranda's style? 

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